What is SoMeat Plant-based Mince/Ground Round ? 

A 100% plant-based alternative to ground/minced beef.

< Suitable for everyone: Vegetarians, Vegans, Buddhists, Health-Conscious Meat-Eaters, Practitioners of Meatless Mondays, Etc. >

 No animal products; no preservatives; all-natural coloring.

●Ingredients: Textured soy protein(Non-GMO); rice oil; wheat gluten; methylcellulose; polysaccharides; modified starch; beet pigment; cacao pigment

●Contents: 200g/pack
●Storage: Keep in the freezer at -18℃ or colder

●Recommended shelf life: 10-11 months (frozen)

●Nutrition facts (100g): Coming soon

How do I cook it? 

Just like you would any animal-based ground/minced beef.

A great plant-based alternative for all recipes calling for ground/minced beef!

On sale Feb. 1, 2021 

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