What is SoMeat Kara-age ? 

SoMeat Kara-age is a 100% plant-based fried chicken alternative.

< Suitable for everyone: Vegetarians, Vegans, Buddhists, Health-Conscious Meat-Eaters, Practitioners of Meatless Mondays, Etc. >


No animal products; no preservatives; no artificial coloring; no chemical additives.

● Ingredients: Textured soy protein (Non-GMO); organic soy sauce; potato starch; rice oil.

● Contents: 500g of soy meat/pack  ● Recommended shelf life: 10-11 months.

● Storage: Keep in the freezer at -18°C or colder.

● Nutrition facts: Serving Size 100g; Calories 200kcal; Protein 16.6g; Fat 10.7g; Carbohydrates 9.2g; Sodium 600mg.

How do I cook it? 

Ready to eat in mere minutes!

1. Take frozen bag of fried “chicken” kara-age.

2. Place frozen pieces of kara-age on a piece of aluminum foil in a toaster oven.

3. Toast for 4 minutes at 1300W or 230℃ (depending on the settings of your toaster oven). 

  *Different toaster ovens have different settings, depending on brand and model. If your machine doesn’t have either 1300W of 230℃ settings, we advise toasting at a high setting for a short period of time. 

4. Serve when toasted to satisfaction.

SoMeat kara-age is excellent chilled and tastes great as left-overs or in bento boxes. 


Please do not cook kara-age in a microwave oven – this will degrade the texture and result in less-than-optimal taste.



Cooking examples
Kara-age burger
Kara-age bento
One bag contains approximately 35 pieces and yields about seven servings (at 5 pieces per serving).

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