For the planet 

We’ve all heard the words “climate change,” “global warming,” “deforestation,” and so on. Many people think they can’t do anything to stop these phenomena. But they can!

 According to Livestock's Long Shadow, a 2006 Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN report, the global meat industry is responsible for 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions; this is more than all modes of transport (cars, airplanes, ships, trains, etc.) combined!

 You don’t need to wait for slow government legislation or expensive industry innovation around technologies like renewable energy, electric automobiles, etc. The most effective individual action you can take in the name of environmental protection is to change the way you get your proteins.

This video explains in only 2.5 mins how reducing one’s meat consumption can help to restore the environment

Additional details in the following short clips are from Cowspiracy, a 2016 US documentary film

※These clips are posted with the permission of A.U.M FILMS & MEDIA, US

A concise video outlining how dietary choices impact the environment (2.5 min.)

A convincing case for shifting to a plant-based diet (140 sec.)

A video illustrating how meat consumption destroys the environment (60 sec.)

A video demonstrating deforestation caused by meat consumption (60 sec.)

A.U.M FILMS & MEDIA "Cowspiracy"

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