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 Soy beans are so high in protein that they are metaphorically called “meat of the soil” in Japan and “flesh of the field” in German.

  In addition, the fact that soy beans are rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium, while being high in fiber and low in cholesterol, make them an ideal food.

 A new WHO report linking red and processed meats to cancer is another persuasive reason to consume plant rather than animal proteins.

 As new scientific evidence has shown that we don’t need to consume animal proteins in order to be healthy, the western world is seeing an explosion of people switching to vegetarian and vegan diets. Many of these people echo the sentiments of professional athletes whose performance is improved after giving up meat, saying that they feel healthier and more energetic on plant-protein diets.

Athletes whose performance has improved after going vegan

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A physician testifies that veganism is perfectly healthy

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